The Escape


Is a feature film. 'One of the greatest stories never told in the history of motion pictures.' Help us change that, and bring real history to the screen.

The Escape

It's 1651, the young King Charles is on the run after the disastrous Battle of Worcester. Pursued by the repressive military regime that cut off his fathers head, Charles is hidden and helped to escape by loyal subjects - and some who didn't necessarily mean to help...


This story is Action, Adventure, Romance, Comedy and Education all in one 90 minute treat.

Soundtrack & original music by Nick Smith            Cinematography by Nigel Harniman

The Escape : Original screenplay by Tony Chance


In bawdy Restoration England, two ageing adventurers entertain the patrons of The Kings Arms Inn with the story of how they once saved the King of England from capture and execution. Using the wonders of 'modern natural philosophy' (science) they illustrate their embellished tale of heroism, with all manner of devices to help the audience part with their money.


Meanwhile, the real story of the King's flight from the bloody Battle of Worcester, through a country ruled by the fundamentalist military dictator Oliver Cromwell, emerges. Then our heroes actions are revealed in a somewhat different light. Pursued by the obsessively keen Lieutenant Dower the two take evasive action that has major consequences. For them, and for the nation.


THE ESCAPE was written by Tony Chance for the characters developed by historical entertainer Mark Vance and colleague Stuart Willis.

This story is Action, Adventure, Romance, Comedy and Education all in one 90 minute treat.

MARK VANCE: Major Hercules Vane


Mark is a major talent in the world of historical entertainment. His hugely popular shows can be seen at historic sites and castles all over England, and on film and TV. Mark has over twenty years experience in stage fighting and combat techniques, many of which are based on research from original manuscripts and manuals.


Mark developed the characters of George Brown and Elijah Vance for his show based on the history of swordsmanship, a very funny, engaging and informative double act. The Escape has been written as a vehicle for these characters to tell the true history of the escape of Charles from the battle of Worcester in 1651.



Tony Chance has been involved in the creation of some of the most iconic images in modern cinema. Working with Hollywood directors such as Sam Mendez, Joe wright, Brian DePalma, and Kenneth Branagh. As concept illustrator and storyboard artist Tony's film credits include : MISSION:IMPOSSIBLE , AMERICAN BEAUTY , 102 DALMATIANS ROAD TO PERDITION, BRIDGET JONES II, X MEN FIRST CLASS.


Tony is passionate about history and telling the stories that are our heritage. Having learnt how to make films from the best, Tony has been directing shorts, corporates and commercials and is now set to direct 'THE ESCAPE', his first feature film.

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© Tony Chance 2017

© Tony Chance 2017